Amsale Wedding Dresses

Amsale Wedding Dresses

Amsale Aberra foremost designer of understated clean and sophisticated wedding gowns creates the Amsale wedding dresses.When she was preparing for her own wedding in 1985 she looked at the. Collections of every designer for simple yet sophisticated wedding gown. She was unable to find one and knew that she had discovered niche that was underserved. There were certainly other brides who shared her taste for less ornamentation and more sleek.

. Style.her first foray into the field was classified advertisement in bride’s magazine advertising custom-made couture gowns for brides. Looking for sophisticated designs with simpler more elegant finishes.She had sketchpad of ideas and few couture seamstresses and New York City loft in 1985. Now she has thriving design house with.

. Consistent vision for dressing the modern bride. As Amsale says she wants bride to be as happy with her choice of wedding gown when she sees her photos twenty years after the wedding and be as happy as she was on the.

Day of the nuptials.Aberra accomplishes this by focusing on timeless looks designed in sophisticated and fashionable ways. She calls this her “Forever Modern” approach to bridal wear and is now known for re-envisioning traditional elements of.

Wedding gown.She has reworked the traditional bustle into modern designs provided innovate touches to the idea of “illusion design” and has added splashes of color such as the now-famous blue sash to the traditional white of the wedding gown.Stylish and refined gowns now supplement Amsale wedding dresses for the entire wedding party with attire for.

The bridesmaids mothers of the bride and mothers of the groom as well as an entire eveningwear collection.In addition to her self-designed sleek and sophisticated classics Amsale has now purchased the. Christos line of wedding dresses and has hired designer Kenneth Pool to add new line of more ornate and decorative gowns emphasizing beading and glamour.Her reworking of classic wedding gown themes have become modern classics of taste and.

Beauty the perfect choice for bride looking for sophisticated wedding gown that will stand the test of time.


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